[This is an Interactive Test!]  Below are 10 random references to Poland (numbers) that refer to a correct answer (letter). Match to the best answer by choosing the correct letter. This will be done automatically if you  Click On Question, then Click On Answer  or vise-versa! Check boxes are provided by the answers you have used. You may alternatively enter the letters manually. When finished, click on the "Check Answers" button to see if your answers are correct.

I am working on this quiz and will be adding many more questions, currently there are 70 in total. (The quiz may be temporally down while I am updating it) No information is sent over the internet about you or any answers. Each time you do the quiz, the questions will be different! If you have suggestions for questions please comment in the comment section. Thanks.


Each time you do a quiz, if is different.  Questions are generated randomly, so repeating the same tests can be a useful tool for learning.   No information is sent on line or kept about you or your answers, it is done by a mathematical formula in your browser.

I plan to make more quizzes on this blog.  I am deciding on which to do next: Polish Phrases, Common Everyday Words, the Culture and Customs in Poland, in-dept History about the Ages, Kings and Eras. If you have and suggestions please comment and if you find any mistakes please let me know.  Make comments in the comment section below about this blog and the quizzes.